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Searching for Giles/Willow stories.. I'm very, VERY new to this pairing.

I've only just gotten*this last week* into the 'Willow' character for BTVS..I was always a Spike and buffy and Giles fan but just these last two weeks or so, I've crossed over/ventured into the 'Willow' character and I like her with either Giles, Spike or Angel/us etc etc.

I've done my BEST to search for any stories out there that has Giles/Willow as a pairing and searching for stories that are well written and LENGTHY..The longer, the better..There's NO MUCH and so far, the BEST STORY*IMOO* I've come across and read, has to be from the author that WROTE 'Little Savage' and it's sequel...I LOVED these two story... I can't seem to find any that's as good or as lengthy or much of the same theme/style.

Since I'm basically NEW to this pairing or anything 'Willow'..Anybody know of any good, lengthy stories out there. I don't care what type of stories they are, so long as it's lengthy and has the above pairing with Willow.

Lastly, is it just me or does the pairing Giles/Willow always seem to result in the female gender when it comes to babies..I mean, yes, the 'FEMALE' gender tends to be favor by about 98% of authors then say the male babies in ff stories, in general but when it comes to Willow, I noticed that all her pregnancies results in a female baby..WHY?! Just becuz she's a witch?? That's somewhat lame, if that was true..I've honestly only come across ONE story where she had a boy and that was by "Maddog??'  It's always hard to find stories WHERE she is pregnant also.

So, Maybe, I"m just NOT finding all the stories of this pairing or of 'Willow' in general but any rec's would be appreciated.. X-Over would be lovely too..


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