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Right as Rain (3/?) The G-Spot

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Title:Right as Rain

Chapter 3/?

Chapter title: The G-Spot.

A/N: Sorry about the wait. I meant to have this up a week ago but everytime I tried to write I kept getting attacked by an insane midget. (my four year old sister.) Anyway, I hope You like it.

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When Willow Rosenberg was twelve years old, her parents, who frequently went out of town, decided that she was mature enough to be left by herself for a couple of days without a sitter. Feeling some need to take advantage of the situation the way other kids her age would, Willow stayed up way past her bedtime and watched television progammes that were not suitable for younger viewers.

On one night one of those shows happened to be a show called 'Talk Sex with Sue Johansson." The host, a fairly old woman, Sue, was talking to a call in viewer about how to locate the illusive G-Spot. She spoke in detail about the subject and Willow was riveted. After the show was over, she decided to do some experimenting with the information she had just gleaned.

She wasn't sure if she ever in fact found the G-Spot, but one thing she knew for sure after her thorough investigation, she was going to like sex.

And then years later when she finally actually had sex (after the first time which was slightly uncomfortable) she found she had been right. She not only liked sex, but she really liked it.

And later on still after her and Oz's lovemaking became slightly more adventurous, she found that she really really liked it.

And now, after her experience with Giles...

Well, she thought, if everyone was having sex like that no one would ever do anything else.

She'd like to be doing it again right now.

She frowned thinking about how she had woke up alone this morning. She couldn't believe Giles had abandoned her like that after what happened between them. She figured he was probably feeling guilty or something stupid like that. He probably thought if he just avoided her long enough they could just forget the whole thing ever occurred.

'Well, he can think again.' Willow thought. 'No way am I going to let him get off(tee-hee-hee) that easily.'

Giles may be thinking that what took place last night was a mistake, but to Willow it had been an awakening. A sexual revelation and no way was she just going to let it get swept under the rug like that. No way was she going to give up what had to have been record breaking good sex without a fight.

Rupert Giles had never felt quite so awful in his entire life, and it wasn't just the unbelievably bad hangover at fault. Though it had been quite awhile since he had tied one on like that. His constitution wasn't quite up to it.

But the real root of his misery was knowing how he had taken advantage of Willow. The girl had already been in a fragile state, feeling rejected and undesirable by Oz, so her defenses were down, then he went and plowed her with alcohol and had his way with her.

That may not be what his intentions had been or even how things actually occurred last night, but in the harsh light of day, that's how it appeared to Giles.

And that's probably how it would appear to everyone else.

'Oh god, everyone else.' Giles hadn't even thought about the others finding out about what happened until just then.

What will they say? What will they think of him? What will Buffy think?

'Oh god Buffy.' His affection for his slayer went beyond that of what his job title required. In the past few years he began to think of her as almost a daughter. He thought about how disappointed she would be in him for what he'd done.

'Hell, she'll be more than disappointed.' He reckoned 'She'll be furious. She'll kill me.'

Serve him right. He should be killed for what he had done. It was the biggest betrayal an authority figure could make.

'I should be jailed at any rate.'

Of course what he did hadn't technically been illegal. Except for the part about supplying alcohol to a person under twenty-one.

He wondered what penalty that particular crime held. Whatever it was he deserved the maximum. And then some.

What he had done last night was truly unforgivable. How could he have been so irresponsible? The things he did to that girl... No matter how willing she had been or what kind of encouragements she had voiced.

He remembered her screaming his name calling out yes! Yes! Over and over again as he ravaged her.

He slammed the door shut on that kind of thinking. It didn't matter what she did or what she said, she was a very young, very impressionable girl in a very vulnerable state. And did he mention that she was very young?

He hadn't been so ashamed of himself since his Ripper days.

He had felt his old persona surface from time to time when he engaged in too much libations. It was him that Giles determined was at the wheel of his sexual drive last night.

But it was still his fault for allowing him to be loosed.

'How could I have let this happen?' He asked himself for the millionth time that day. Then clutched his throbbing head and its incessant banging.

It took a moment for him to realise that not of the banging was coming from inside his head.

The door.

Someone was knocking on the door.

With a groan he stumbled over to it.

He looked out to see the red head standing there.

'Oh God.'

He was invaded instantly with a vision of the fifteen year old girl he met only a few years ago who had came into the library, the only student he encountered for the first few weeks of his job as librarian at Sunnydale high.

She had come in wearing orange over-alls over a green jumper and trainers. Her hair had been done in pig tails. He remembered his first thought of the girl (other than her being cute as a button) was that she looked a bit young for high school.

She'd definitely matured since.

'But, God not that awful much.'

"Giles I know you're in there." came her muffled voice through the door. "I heard you groaning. And trust me, I know well what that sounds like now."

'Oh, good lord.'

He took a breath, let it out with a resigned sigh and opened the door.

"Willow," he began.

"Giles, we need to talk." She interrupted trampling past him into the apartment.

Giles shut the door and turned to her, he winced at the crossed arms and resolve face set firmly in place.

"Willow," He ventured remorsefully. "You have no idea how truly awful I feel about my behaviour last night.-"

Willow held up a hand cutting him off.

"No, I'm talking first." Willow asserted.

Giles closed is eyes and bowed his head deferentially.

"Okay." She said. "First off, I want you to know how mad I am about your little disappearing act this morning. Do you have any idea how bad I felt waking up alone this morning?" She asked. "It was awful especially after the way Oz left."

Giles sighed remorsefully. "Oh, Willow I didn't even think about that. I'm so sorry. I was just so raddled about what happened the previous evening. I didn't feel like I could face you." He confessed.

Willow's stern expression softened slightly. "You still shouldn't have done it."

"Yes I know it was wrong of me and I truly am sorry."

"Well okay." Willow relented. "I forgive I guess."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome." she said. "Right, now that we have that out of the way we can get to the bigger issue shall we? About what happened between us last night."

Giles fought a cringe. Here it comes the moment of dread, when Willow berates him for his lecherous conduct. Very well then, he was ready for his comeuppance. He steeled himself for what was to come.

"Giles," Willow went on. "Last night was..."

The most awful experience of my life.



These were the type of things he had been expecting her to say, no way he would have predicted her actual words.


Giles' head snapped up from its shameful downcast position in surprise.

"Come again?" He asked.

"Oh I plan to." Willow quipped, giving him a kittenish smirk.

Giles whipped off his glasses and started cleaning them with the tail of his shirt.

"Willow, I um, I'm not sure I-" Giles was stammering.

Willow felt a bit of a thrill that she had made him nervous. She took steps toward him.

"Giles," She ventured, putting her hand over his to get him to stop his glasses cleaning. He looked up at her his face lined in anxiety. "What happened last night changed things for me. It made me feel something incredible and I'm not just talking about the physical pleasure, though that was pretty intense. Mind blowing actually." She amended. "Way better than I ever fantasized."

Giles felt a surge of vanity. His lips twitched pleased. "You fantasized about me?"

Willow smiled and nodded. "Many times. I still get all tingly every time I go into a library. Which kind of leads me to my point, Giles I've been a little bit in love with you ever since we first met. And for the last couple of weeks I've been feeling absolutely horrible about myself, Oz leaving really messed me up. I didn't think anyone would ever want me again." She looked up at Giles a slow smile creeping across her artless face. "And then last night, Giles you made me feel desirable and wanted. You fixed me."

Giles felt his heart bursting with the overwhelming emotion this girl was evoking in him. He never would have thought he could have had such an impact on her and he felt glad and at once proud of himself for it. For a moment these feelings almost eclipsed his guilt.

He cleared his throat and replaced his glasses on his face. "Yes, well Willow I am very flattered and pleased that you are feeling better," He said, all business now. "But, never the less what took place between us was a mistake."

"Why?" She demanded.

"W-why?" Giles sputtered. "Willow, I'm old enough to be your father, and that's just for a start."

"So?" Willow challenged. "Angel's got you beat by a couple of centuries and Buffy was younger than me when they had sex."

"Well that was different." Giles reasoned. "Angel was-"


"No, well yes, but I was going to say, he didn't show his age. I do."

"Giles," Willow cajoled. "I think you're the sexiest guy I've ever met. I like the way your age shows."

Giles' ego reared its head again. He smirked.


Willow nodded emphatically.

Giles shook his head to clear it.

"But still," He plowed on. "I am a figure of authority, and I took advantage of that last night. Damn that bloody alcohol."

"Oh." Willow uttered dejectedly. "So was that it? Was the alcohol the only thing that made you want me?"

Giles saw the swell of rejection in her large green eyes it sent an arrow into his chest.

"Of course not." he assured. "Willow, you are a very beautiful and desirable young woman and I'm sure there are many men out there that want you, I myself included, but just because we may want something doesn't mean we should just take it. The alcohol wasn't what made me want you, but I never would have acted on anything if I hadn't been blinded by it. For Christ's sake we didn't even bother to take proper precautions, think of what consequences might come from that."

"Oh you don't need to worry about that." Willow interjected. "I'm still on the pill. I didn't want to stop in case Oz came back, I wanted to be prepared. So you don't have to worry about me getting pregnant or anything." She reassured. "As for the other, I don't, you know, have anything and I'm assuming that you're, well, clean?" Her voice rose at the end in question.

"Well, of course I am." Giles replied, affronted.

"Yeah that's what I thought." She repeated.

An awkward beat of silence lapsed.

"Listen, Willow," Giles ventured gently.

Willow held up her hand. "Stop." She said her voice was low so she could keep it steady. "I don't want to hear anymore about why you're rejecting me."

"I am not rejecting you!" He said louder than he had meant. He cleared his throat and checked himself.

"I mean you can't look at it that way. This isn't a rejection, but nothing can happen between us again it would be wrong."

"So you do want me?" Willow asked as if he hadn't said anything.

"Yes I bloody want you! More than I've ever wanted anyone in my life!" Giles hadn't meant to say these words out loud and hadn't even realised he had until he saw the triumphant look on Willow's face.

"Um, I mean, what I meant was, um-" He stammered desperately wishing he could take those words back. But that was impossible. The genie was out of the bottle now and Willow had her wish.

Willow smiled and closed the distance between herself and Giles, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed herself against him.

"N-now Willow," Giles voice was strained, he pulled gently on her arms trying to free himself from her. "Despite what I may have said just now, everything before still stands, you and I can't-"

"Shut up Giles." Willow ordered, still smiling and just to make sure he didn't say anything else she covered his mouth with hers. All his further demurrals were stifled by the velvet tongue thrusting into his mouth.

Once again Giles found himself getting rapt up in the feel and taste of this girl and with every stroke of tongue and brush of hips the situation became more and more severe. Before Giles succumbed completely to his growing desire he broke away from her.

Willow gazed up at him, her verdant eyes clouded with lust and confusion. "What?" She asked.

"Why?' Giles wondered. "I don't understand. Why would someone as remarkable as you want to be with an old clod like me?"

Sympathy tugged Willow's heart strings. She brought her palm up to caress Giles' cheek. "You are not that old." She asserted. "And you are definitely not a clod. Clods do not kick vampire and demon butt."

A small laugh escaped from Giles and Willow smiled liking the way his eyes crinkled when he did.

"I've never met anyone like you before Gi-," Willow stopped herself, her face flushed slightly and she ducked her head down. "Rupert." She corrected, calling him by his first name for the first time. "I've never met anyone that loved books as much as I do. Heck, I'll bet you love them even more than me. And you are the only other scooby that thinks research is fun and engrossing and not some chore or punishment. When you really think about it I've never met anyone I have more in common with than I do with you." She resolved. "And isn't that what people look for in a mate. Someone who gets joy out of the same things as they do? That's us. And hey, did I mention the part about me thinking you're the sexiest guy I know."

A slow, broad smile broke out across his face and his insecurities seemed to float away. He pulled Willow to him and, for once, he was the one to initiate their kiss. This one was different than the previous ones they had shared, which had been heedless and ardent. This one started out slow and tender with a subtle mounting wave of passion that crept up on them and swept them away.

They pulled each other close and writhed against each other with growing need. Giles' hand was just inching up under Willow's sweater, her's traveling down to his fly, when the sound of muffled voices filtered in from behind the front door. Shock stilled the couples movements and just in time they stepped back from each other as the door opened and and Buffy, Anya and Xander walked in.

"Hey, guys!" Buffy greeted. "What's up?"

Willow bit her lip and bowed her head to hide her blushing and Giles let out a silent thanks that his sweater was baggy enough to cover what was up.
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